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StasyQ brings crypto revolution to the аdult industry

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ICO starts:


6th of April 13:00 GMT

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New generation of еrоtiс content

StasyQ is not a prototype or MVP. StasyQ is a successful project with

  • 800,000+users monthly
  • 200+unique professional
  • 1,000,000+social media subscribers

Meet StasyQ

StasyQ – A unique platform with high-quality content of еrоtiс nature, functioning since 2015. Its main advantage over other similar sites is the careful selection of professional and amateur models, publications of high-resolution video clips, photographs with correct exposure and exclusive author`s style. Today, it is an incredibly popular resource, visited by 600,000-1,000,000 people worldwide every month.

  • High-quality content
  • Over 800,000 visits per month
  • Already functioning since 2015
  • User spends 10-12 minutes on StasyQ
Virtual reality

VR content

Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to computer technologies that use software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate the real ones.

The viewer can be next to the model, wearing VR glasses. Video in this format will give bright sensations and unique emotions. The availability of such content on the platform allows StasyQ to stand out in the market of the аdult industry and attract a large audience.

  • True 180 degrees capturing
  • UHD 4K video quality
  • Choose your fav angle of view

StasyQ Models

StasyQ in figures


StasyQ creates a blockchain based platform with the following advantages:

For users

  • Fully anonymous transactions, data and usage

  • No risk of your bank account blocking

  • No billing services fees

  • All transactions are made in cryptocurrency

For models, producers, content providers

  • Ability to monetize own content through the platform

  • Receiving payments directly from users in cryptocurrency

  • Receive up to 90% of revenue

  • Fair payment distribution through the smart-contract

  • No billing services fees

  • No risk of your bank account blocking

  • No need for marketing expenses

  • Monetizing own content with a blockchain solution



StasyCoin (SQOIN) – ERC20 token and smart contract system, based on Ethereum blockchain protocol.

SQOIN is designed to solve the most frustrating problems in the аdult industry

Popularity of SQOIN

  • Token supply is limited – 350,000,000 SQOIN
  • All unsold tokens will be burned
  • StasyQ platform will regulary burn SQOIN tokens
  • Users will have to buy SQOIN to be able to view StasyQ content
  • High scale of SQOIN – easily integrated solution for sites, producers and models with the similar type of content.
  • Limited token offer at the market – the project motivates models to hold tokens on their accounts to get advantages.
Crypto Exchanges
Model or Producer
Smart Contract

Buy or Sell

Model or Produser receives Receive Receive up to 90% of revenue for their content views

Buys tokens to promote their profiles or sells tokens to realise revenue

Pays tokens for
StasyQ content

Platform burns tokens or sells at exchanges

Platform supports models
with tokens

Platform usage

Don’t stop



- StasyQ.com site was launched

- First videos and positive feedback

Q1 2017

- Over 80 hottest models

- 0.8 million followers on social media

Q2 2017

- First 3D VR shooting of models and positive feedback

- Over 100 000 000 video views

Q3 2017

- Idea of turning StasyQ into a world leader in аdult content on blockchain with a drastically new future for models, customers and creators

- 1 million unique users per month

Q4 2017

- Forming of the new core team for blockchain development

- Creation of a Whitepaper

- Creation of StasyQ financial model

Q1 2018

- Landing page and whitepaper disclosed to the public

- Ongoing StasyQ exclusive content creation

Q2 2018

- Start of the Crowdsale

- Negotiations with cryptocurrency exchanges

- Attracting new models and studios

Q3 2018

- Beta version of StasyLive platform

- Integration of blockchain solutions into StasyQ website

- Implementation of SQOIN on StasyQ website - getting rid of high fees and increasing transactions security

Q4 2018
and beyond

- Third-party video content integration. Studios and produces will be able to add content to the platform sections themselves

- Introducing of SQOIN for third-party sites increasing token demand and popularity

- Marketing, attracting of crypto and more audience to the platform, reaching 3-5 million users per month

New era

StasyQ before and after ICO

Current functionality

Video & Photo content

up to 4K professional videos and HQ photos


pics and videos from backstage of shootings posted daily

Virtual Reality

3D videos with 180 FOV for VR headsets


video interviews with the models to meet their personalities


weekly voting for the next models by users

Will be added after ICO

Producer`s account

ability to upload and monetize professional videos made by producers

Model`s account

ability to upload self-made videos and get profit


ERC20 utility token based on Ethereum protocol


online chats and broadcast by models


ability to integrate StasyQ token as a payment method in your website


create your own StasyQ in “one-click”


Token distribution

The funds collected during the ICO will allow to continue development and to implement the blockchain technology in StasyQ. The more funds are collected, the larger scale we reach.

245,000,000 SQOIN



17,500,000 SQOIN


PR, bounty

87,500,000 SQOIN




ICO funds distribution



SMM, PR-articles



content and model moderation, new content creation



team will increase by 15-20 members

  • ICO start

    6th of April 13:00 GMT

  • Total token supply

    350,000,000 SQOIN

  • ICO end

    5th of June 13:00 GMT

  • Hardcap

    20,000 ETH

Token price

The Token price will rise with each subsequent stage of the ICO:

ETH Stage Limit
Tokens for 1 ETH
  • 1
    0 - 2,000
  • 2
    2,000 - 4,000
  • 3
    4,000 - 6,000
  • 4
    6,000 - 8,000
  • 5
    8,000 - 10,000
  • 6
    10,000 - 12,000
  • 7
    12,000 - 14,000
  • 8
    14,000 - 16,000
  • 9
    16,000 - 18,000
  • 10
    18,000 - 20,000

Trusted by

  • pornhub
  • xvideos
  • redtube
  • fashiontv
  • xhamster
  • manyvids
  • freeones
  • metart

Team worked with


StasyQ Team

  • Romanas Stelmokaitis

    Romanas is a software developer and corporate entrepreneur with extensive experience in insurance, banking, supply, logistics and the financial sectors. His journey in building IT infrastructures and developing software systems began more than 15 years ago. Romanas graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in informatics and mathematics and he started building his career in the IT industry.

    He has experience in business process automation, building services, web applications and robots. Romanas was a key person in integrating one of the biggest insurance brokers in Baltic IT systems with Nordea Finance, and has worked as CEO at a logistics company and as a safety advisor on the transportation of dangerous goods.

  • Vadim Khodakov

    Vadim is a digital agency founder. He has a strong understanding of and experience in the development of digital products (websites, web applications, mobile applications, technological start-ups).

    Development team management experience: project management, remote team management, project launch and support are everyday routines in the activities of Vadim.

    In-depth experience in creative development: concepts, ideas, copywriting for global and local brands for both digital and integrated, non-ATL advertising projects.

    Creative team management experience: management of idea generation, ideas overview, presentations.

  • Vitali Gisko

    Vitali is a UX designer with 6 years of experience working for agencies and clients all around the globe. His work combines a background in graphic design with technological innovations and user-centred design thinking.

    Currently building digital user-experiences at Bitsens Digital Agency, he has had a lot of practice working with many different brands and companies.

  • Alex Pankevich

    Alex is a digital market analyst, currently building up extensive experience with world-wide brands at Bitsens. His first experiences came from working at Wargaming managing the “digital production team“. His passion for semantics, analytical correlations and psychological user patterns built the foundations of a strongly UX-centred approach to product management.

    Alex has over 7 years experience at the junction of marketing and development as an active member of the digital society and a participant in all the key digital events worldwide.

    A deep understanding of marketing funnels and monetization models together with a solid knowledge of UX principles are invaluable for creating efficient tools for the acquisition and engagement of users.

  • Aleksej Tišionok

    Alex is a digital designer with a passion for designing engaging and well-crafted websites and digital products. He is a believer in the power of human-centred design and people-based problem solving.

    During his 12 years of design and creative experience, he has had the pleasure of working with many different brands creating amazing web experiences with some great people along the way.

    His work has been recognised by The Webbys, Awwwards, FWA, Communication Arts, to name just a few.

  • Seva Savko

    Seva is an online marketer with a strong financial background. Empowered by proficient programming skills, his knowledge has assisted the establishment of a successful web development and online marketing agency. At the same time, Seva quickly found his way into e-commerce and launched several promising web stores.

    In addition, he supported the whole online concept with remotely controlled advertising monitors spread out across southern Norway. Seva is a diligent specialist whose proven skills shape the marketing strategy of our project.

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